Today we finally got a look at the new line up of the US version of the Inbetweeners. No prizes for guessing who’s meant to be who and also no prizes if you accurately predicted that it’s going to be terrible. I mean come on, how can it not be?

When are people going to learn that it’s the chemistry of the characters and the cultural context that makes a smash hit? From the looks of things this remake is going to have neither. What with the car door and all it doesn’t look like they’re doing an office and reinventing things. It’s going to be the same stories, same characters and I predict a distinct lack of laughs.

Even so, it’s not yet been released and come August 20th I could be swallowing my words with a huge side order of humble pie. But with a cliché riddled line up like this, I’m not putting much money on that happening:

I suppose there’s always a chance that the writing might be good and I’m intrigued to see how they handle all of the now inherent British colloquialisms in the original. Who knows, Jay might come up with some new euphemisms for vaginas. I’ll be hanging on to that…

Come to think of it I probably won’t be tuning in.