Xavier Gens’ apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, The Divide, has just released its first poster via IMPA.  Gens, responsible for films like Hitman and Frontier(s), is hoping to continue the improvement of his films with his latest high concept endeavor where to survive the end of the world, [everyone] must first survive each other.  It’s a simple yet effective tag line that I believe works extremely well.

The poster below, which I think is pretty cool, looks a bit too much like the poster for the Solaris remake with George Clooney, with the exception of the color and what we see reflected in the glass of the mask.  But luckily for the type of film it is, it actually does work even if it isn’t the most original thing we’ve ever seen.

The Divide stars Michael Biehn, Milo Ventimiglia, Lauren German, Rosanna Arquette, and Michael Eklund and is expected to be released sometime in 2011.

In case you missed the teaser I’ve posted it below for your viewing pleasure.