To celebrate the release of Danny Boy, the new drama feature airing on BBC Two this week, we had the pleasure of chatting to actor Leah McNamara about the film and her role in this real-life story.

Danny Boy is the story of a young man’s journey from medal-winning hero to alleged killer, and his search for truth in the fog of war. Leah plays the wife of Anthony Boyle’s character Brian Wood. The drama richly explores the effect Brian’s experience has not just on him, but also on his family: his father and ex-soldier, Gavin, his mother Margaret, and his wife Lucy, played by McNamara.

Speaking on the show, McNamara told us about the pressures of portraying real-life people, how families and indeed spouses deal with the aftermath of war and all it encompasses as well as how COVID helped them produce an even sharper and more thrilling film. Also, her long love of Daniel Kaluuya.

You can watch the full extended interview below:

Danny Boy airs on BBC TWO on Wednesday May 23th at 9pm.