In recent weeks we’ve heard from the cast and crew of The Breakdown, the new film from brothers David and James Codeglia. The teen comedy deals with a road trip that goes awry, and the subsequent adventure looks certain to change lives and bond the disparate group of high school kids forever.

So far we’ve heard from…

To kick off the new week we hear from Christian Nicholes as he introduces Jason. This character seems to be the antithesis of the typical gawky, uncertain teenager. He’s collected, lively and seems to genuinely care for his fellow classmates. Although there is one aspect to him which isn’t quite so agreeable. We’ll let Christian tell you all…

You can see the trailer for the film below, and be sure to check back for more Meet the Cast videos from The Breakdown.

The film is available to Rent/Buy on Amazon now:


A high school band’s bus breaks down on a trip to a competition in California. Stuck at a motel, the teens decide to have a “Truth-or-Dare” party. Clueless, their attempts are hilarious, and they finally learn that being a nerd is not all that bad.