One of the great things about films set in high school is they often feature a cast of talented newcomers, some of whom we’re seeing on the big screen for the first time. David Codeglia’s The Breakdown is one such film, and today we’re continuing our look at the young cast.

Directed by Codeglia and produced by Gillian Wang, the film stars Noah Toth, Andrea Dersom, Christian Nicholes, Sylvia Joan, Michael Hampton, Dustin Chance Rhodes, Yvette Santos, and Shoshanna Green.

Over the previous weeks we’ve heard from Noah Toth who plays Morgan, Sylvia Joan who plays Yvette, Andrea Dersom as Maddy, and Nia M’Bye introducing Katie. Today we’re highlighting Kirk, played by Toyvon Cambell. His laidback attitude is a much-needed sense of calm in the teenage chaos of the film. Here’s Toyvon to tell you more.

Watch the trailer for the film below, and be sure to check back for more Meet the Cast videos from The Breakdown.

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A high school band’s bus breaks down on a trip to a competition in California. Stuck at a motel, the teens decide to have a “Truth-or-Dare” party. Clueless, their attempts are hilarious, and they finally learn that being a nerd is not all that bad.