It’s kind of hard to remember what I’ve been up to in last few hours let alone the last two days but I shall do my best to fill you in! The music part of the festival is now in full swing and it’s amazing to see how the people change when from interactive to music. I’ve been here for the entire event along with no doubt quite a few others but when all the geeks (yes, i am one!) leave from the interactive part of the week the place goes mad on 6th Street which is the main stretch of bars and clubs is packed to the brim. Walking down could take you half an hour navigating through the multitudes of people who come out to absorb the amazing array of night-life. Much like the interactive panels, you need to clone yourself five times if you wanted to go to everything. Unless you’ve been here, it’s going to be hard to comprehend just how big it is. I guess I would liken it to a UK music festival except rather than being spread out in big tents and marquees across a field, it’s spread across a city. The seemingly small police presence is a testament to just how well natured the majority if people who come to the SXSW really are – or maybe it’s a funding issue!! If this was taking place in London, you wouldn’t be able to move for the amount of police they’d have on hand.

So since I last wrote my journal, I think I’ve seen The Beaver, Senna and Kill List. You can read Marie’s review of The Beaver here and my review of Senna. Kill List is being done by Albert and should be with you shortly so keep checking back. All three movies (I thought) were amazing, especially Senna which is directed by Englishman, Asif Kapadia. It tells the story of Brazilan Formula One racing driver Ayrton Senna and is a tribute to the man who is arguably the greatest racing driver that ever lived. When it comes out in the UK, I implore you to go and see it or buy the DVD. Kapadia was given unprecedented access to Bernie Ecclestone’s private archive and some of what you’ll see has never been seen before.

The Beaver is Mel Gibson’s new movie and is directed by Jodie Foster who was at the premiere to introduce the movie (her intro and Q&A here). Foster also stars in the movie alongside Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence who are equally brilliant in the movie which has been delayed for too long now – bring it out! I think pretty much everyone who went into this movie thought that it was going to be terrible but to our surprise, it was absolutely brilliant with Gibson putting in a wonderful performance giving us reason to remember the Gibson good times before all the crap happened after the movie completed filming.  Again, it’s one you must watch and will be coming out later on in the year.

Last night I saw a movie called Kill List which is another British movie that I’d not heard anything about before coming here to SXSW. I’m glad that Albert is reviewing this one as it is rather messed up (in a good way!). It’s directed by Ben Wheatley and stars MyAnna Buring, Michael Smiley and Neil Maskell and tells the story of a couple of hitmen who, funnily enough have a Kill List. I’d heard buzz around festival that this movie was amazing and I have to agree. It’s so well directed, edited and cast but it’s hard to liken to it anything else. It’s going to attract a very niche audience but if you love new, original movies, you should check this one out. A word of warning however, if you’re squeamish in any way or don’t like violence in your movies, DO NOT watch this as it’s as harsh as you’re going to get and had me looking away from the screen multiple times! You have been warned! Keep your eyes peeled for Albert’s review which will go up soon.

Today we have The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, The Foo Fighter Documentary, The FP and Insidious to go along to. I’ve heard Insidious is going to scare the pants off me but I’m going to go along, hopefully with some friends so I can hide behind them in the scary bits!

Till next time!