upside downHere we have a first look trailer for Juan Solanas’ new film, the sci-fi Upside Down, which is a rather prosaic name for the impressive vision on display here.

There’s elements of Inception, The Adjustment Bureau with just a dash of Italo Calvino here and the visuals are mesmerising. The excellent people at JimSturgessOnline pointed us to who debuted this trailer today.

Brace yourself for a synopsis,

Upside Down  tells the story of two star crossed lovers Adam (Sturgess) and Eve (Dunst) separated by opposite worlds, one up and one down, but both just out of reach of the other.  The special effects appear stellar in the sample stills below, however we can’t wait see a clip from the film where the fantastical opposite worlds will actually be brought to life.

Here’s the French trailer,

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