The Lord of Twitter is set to become to Lord of Everything, with the tweeted news this morning that Stephen Fry is to play God is the forthcoming BBC drama about the excessive ecclesiastical response to the 1979 film Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

We reported earlier in the week that the film had been cast and now it seems filming is already underway for the scheduled transmission on BBC4 in Autumn.

Fry, as God (who curiously is the only character to appear in all of the Python films), will be playing alongside Darren Boyd (John Cleese),  Charles Edwards (Michael Palin), Steve Punt (Eric Idle), Rufus Jones and  Phil Nichol as Terrys Jones and Gilliam respectively and Tom Fisher plays the late Graham Chapman.

This morning Mr. Fry tweeted,

Then tweeted a lovely picture of himself in the make up chair, which was live for a few moments before the following appeared…

Hopefully someone got to the picture before it was taken down. I didn’t and I am kicking myself. UPDATE – Kicking myself no longer – see below with thanks to John Underwood.

This was not the only piece of Python news that fell from the sky this week – The Pythons (sans Idle) are currently recording voices to bring Graham Chapman’s A Liar’s Autobiography (Vol 4) to the big screens in the form on an animated film. They are using audio recordings Chapman made shortly before his death.


Apparently the powers that be have given God (Stephen Fry) the go ahead to tweet away. Here’s his full length ‘divine form’.