Chris Hemsworth - Shadow Runner ( appears that we’re set to see a hell of a lot more from Thor man Chris Hemsworth in the near future.  As well as starring in Red Dawn, The Cabin In The Woods and Snow White & the Huntsman; the Aussie has been confirmed to star in Columbia Pictures ‘Shadow Runner’, scribed by Drive writer Hossein Amini.

No one attached is willing to let slip on quite what the flick’s about, leaving us rather in the shadows (sorry, it was unavoidable).  Though the kind peoples at Deadline have made mention that it’s inspired by an Israeli assassination team who tracked a Hamas major player to his hotel in Dubai, before killing him.

Word suggests that the story won’t follow this exact story, but will almost definitely see Hemsworth leading an elite team that break into places and commit murderous acts for the good of the free world.  Cheers Chris.