For the past two weeks a wave of rumours caused a tailwind through StarWarsville, with expectant fans eager to see a little more of The Force Awakens. Though the secrecy surrounding this film has been higher than most a few hastily tweeted, then deleted, tweets gave a clue as to what was coming our way.

HeyUGuys Video – Here’s our analysis of the first poster for Star Wars The Force Awakens. See the full poster below.

Namely, the first proper poster today and our first full trailer for Star Wars Episode VII airing on Monday, with a tease on the Disney-owned Good Morning America. The trailer is supposed to hit during the Disney-owned ESPN Monday Night Live Football game – synergy is a wonderful thing.

This first poster replaces the stark Logo against starfield affair we’ve been looking at dreamily for the last year or so. The D23 exclusive Drew Struzan poster seemed an uneven first look, particularly for such an iconic partnership, here now we have something special.

Check back tomorrow for the trailer (we hope…), until then here’s your new poster.

star wars the force awakens poster

Check out our first look at, presumably, the Super weapon of the film – a laser embedded in a planet, positioned on the poster just above John Boyega’s head. And that green alien next to the Droids looks like our first good look at Maz Kanata.

And also – where’s Luke?

UPDATE: New Landscape variant – found on imgur.

star wars the force awakens poster landscape

UPDATE: Check this out…

This was taken from an advert on ABC which ran just now – that shot of the Tie Fighters overhead is what Rey was looking at in the Instagram teaser.

ANOTHER UPDATE! Here are some new shots of Rey, Finn and Poe. Tomorrow’s Trailer can’t come soon enough.

Big thanks to @ohmyeverdeen for the heads up.


Here’s yet another snippet – which leads up to the shot of Finn above.