It’s all happening. After a week that saw lots of new information (and several thousand Lego sets and action figures) appear online about Star Wars The Force Awakens fans wondered what else Disney would have up their sleeve for their D23 event.

Well… there’s this.the force awakens poster

This is the first look at the Drew Struzhan poster for The Force Awakens, which was revealed during the Disney Live Action panel, and given to each attendant. This is not the theatrical poster however, this is the D23 exclusive poster so it’s presumed we’ll see the full cast on a final poster shortly.

Also the Gareth Edwards Anthology film Rogue One got this amazing reveal…

rogue one cast

And more casting was announced including some new names: Mads Mikkelsen was the big surprise along with Firefly’s Alan Tudyk, Ben Mendelsohn was confirmed and Felicity Jones, Diego Luna and Forest Whitaker we knew about already.

This is a fine cast and we can expect to hear lots more about this as the marketing for The Force Awakens ramps unveils itself towards the end of the year. How cool does Felicity Jones look? The answer is damn cool.

And finally Colin Trevorrow was confirmed as the director of Episode IX. Not bad for a director whose small indie start then went to Jurassic World. Where next? I guess he could direct the moon around the Earth.

There will be so much more to see and hear about these films in the coming months, with that ‘Fall’ trailer for The Force Awakens set to land in the next few weeks.