First we were teased with the casting for this all-singing, all-animated return to Oz with the likes of Dan Akroyd, Kelsey Grammr, Jim Belushi and Martin Short joining Gleeful Lea Michele, who lands her first leading film role as Dorothy.

In that last link, you get to see some of the early sketches of the characters and today brings us a better look at some of the characters as well as a closer look at some of the more iconic locations from the world. Seth Engstrom’s Art direction has a few shades of Wonderland about it but it’s nice to see Ken Duncan’s character designs ‘fleshed out’.

Currently one of many Oz projects on the go at the moment Dan St. Pierre’s sing-a-long-an-Oz certainly looks right and has a great cast, here’s hoping the Tornado-ravaged Oz script has enough to keep us interested between nostalgic thwacks and musical prods.

Here are a few choice pics,

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