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If an actor is only as good as the characters he plays, then Gary Oldman stands alone.  Over the last three decades, the legendary actor has built a resume that includes an array of remarkably different characters and genres.  He has set a high standard as a modern, diverse actor and has inspired a whole new generation of young actors.  Audiences the world over have flocked to their local cinemas to see what Oldman will deliver next, and as he grows older, his performances get better and better.

He’s appeared in cult classic hits like True Romance and crowd-pleasing blockbusters like the Harry Potter trilogy.  He’s worked with directors such as Tony Scott, Francis Ford Coppola, Luc Besson, Wolfgang Peterson, Ridley Scott and Robert Zemeckis, and his sole directorial debut, 1997’s Nil by Mouth, is a harrowing and brilliant film. Although it seems like a nearly impossible task, we present to you the 6 best performances of Gary Oldman.  As always, perspective is encouraged, so add your choices in the comments below.





Virtually unrecognizable throughout the first half of the film, Gary Oldman took on the daunting task of playing one of the most infamous characters in world literature.  As the titular vampire in Francis Ford Coppola’s DRACULA, Oldman was remarkable.

In such an eerie film with so many chilling moments (despite the performance of Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker) , Oldman’s performance became the centerpiece that lent the film some credibility, and gave it the chance to succeed where other iterations of the story had failed, the meruciral human and inhuman  sides to the character brought to the screen in equal measure. When Harker meets Dracula at his castle, we’re presented with a Dracula who looks ghastly and terrifying – older and pale, with a voice that echoes throughout the chambers of his massive home.

Other actors might have failed at creating a Dracula that audiences truly believed, and Oldman’s interpretation is as genuine as horror icon predecessors like Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi.

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  • Oldman is GOD

    Also see his brilliant work in: Immortal Beloved, State of Grace, Chattahoochee, Prick Up Your Ears, The Contender, Meantime, R&GAD, The Firm, Interstate 60, True Romance, The Batman Series, Romeo is Bleeding, Basquiat, The Book of Eli, The Scarlet Letter, The Fifth Element, A Christmas Carol, Sin, Nobody’s Baby and Hannibal.

  • Elan Kirshenbaum

    Where’s The Dark Knight Franchise, or Air Force One?!

  • ken

    león the profesional a classic movie león mathilda stansfield amazing performances great actors