The Berlin Film Festival is sparking out shards of news all over the place, and the latest hint dropped by Scorsese at the press conference for Shutter Island may be a throwaway comment, prompted by a slightly bizarre question, but it has got people talking of Martin Sorsese’s return to his old stomping ground with an old friend.

When asked when he was going to make Goodfellas 2, Scorsese replied that he was looking at

something that has to do with that world. No doubt about it.

So, that’s not much to go on, but Scorsese told the assembled mass that he was talking to Robert De Niro about the project, he went on,

But it’s from the vantage point of older men looking back.

If this phantom project does see the light of day it would mark the first time since 95’s Casino that De Niro and Scorsese have teamed up. I always considered De Niro and Scorsese to have a peculiar energy when working on a film together, and it’s an energy lacking from their recent works.

THR wrote up the SI Press conference here.