Madonna’s dalliance with the life of Wallis Simpson and her indelible impact on British Royal history has been making the news rounds for the last few years.

Rumours surfaced a year ago that Madonna wanted to make a musical of the life of Wallis Simpson, the divorced American socialite with whom King Edward VIII fell in love and abdicated the British throne.

It takes only a tiny sidestep of the imagination to find the parallels Madonna saw between her life and that of the 1936 Time Magazine Woman of the Year (its first); Guy Ritchie isn’t cinematic royalty of course but the woman in love and under huge pressure is any easy comparison to make for Madonna.

At the time it was thought that Madonna was to play Wallis Simpson, but Variety have an update on the story which suggests that Up In The Air’s Vera Farmiga is in talks to star with Madonna set to direct the picture and co-write with Alex Keshishian.

Oscar nominated for her role in Jason Reitman’s aforementioned film, Farmiga certainly has the look and the capability to play this role, crucial to the success of the film will be the chemistry between the her character and the King, Michael Sheen perhaps?