Comic book creations continue their dominance over the world of popular cinema with news coming from Collider that Production Weekly has tweeted that the adaptation of the popular Marvel series Runaways (not to be confused with the forthcoming Joan Jett biopic The Runaways) is due to begin production early next year.

The comic focuses on a group of teenagers (the Runaways of the title) who discover that their parents are part of an evil crime organisation. Using their own powers, the kids strive to defeat the adults and vow to bring other villains to justice.

Co-created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, it’s a fun and contemporary take on the teen superhero concept, allowing for the kids to mix with various other figures from the Marvel back catalogue through their adventures. Writer Vaughan already has an impressive back catalogue (his comic series Ex Machina is definitely worth checking out), and he also served as a writer for TV’s Lost.

Peter Sollett has been attached as director for a while, and given his track record (he made both Raising Victor Vargas, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) he seems like a good choice in capturing the teenage angst that the characters wrestle with here.

And a six month shoot? Wonder if this is a sign of a two film Mad Max-esque back to back deal?

As reported by Adam Lowes.