It’s been a busy day for those following the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story marketing bandwagon. We’ve seen dozens of new images, a supercut trailer including all the footage released thus far, and there’s more…

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Now Lucasfilm have released the character posts you’re going to be seeing around the cinemas for the next two months. Taking their cue from the latest movie poster each of the characters represented here have the Death Star plans illuminated onto their faces. Ambiguity is not in order here, but this is what Rogue One is all about.

Here they are, all looking determined. Especially the droid.

rogue-one-character-posters-2 rogue-one-character-posters-3 rogue-one-character-posters-4 rogue-one-character-posters-5 rogue-one-character-posters-6 rogue-one-character-posters-7 rogue-one-character-posters-8 rogue-one-character-posters-1