With the recent release of the final trailer for Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One: A Star Wars story the marketing floodgates have opened up.

Today we have a load of images from the film out in the wild, including our best look yet at some of the characters who inhabit the new worlds created for this trip around the galaxy far, far away.

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As well as the usual suspects (Stormtroopers of all designs) we get a look at the Rebel pilots version of Three Musketeers and something of a link between the Emperor’s red guards and the pilgrims on the planet of Jedha.

Oh, and there’s the chance that we’ll be seeing a doomed pilot from A New Hope as well…

Here are the new images,

rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-27 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-26 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-25 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-24 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-23 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-22 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-21 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-20 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-19 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-18This photo above has sparked a fun theory that one of the original film’s favourite characters would be appearing in Rogue One. His name was Jek Porkins, and he appears to be one of the pilots running above.

porkins rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-17 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-16 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-15 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-14 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-13 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-12 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-11 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-10 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-9 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-8 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-7 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-6 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-5 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-4 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-3 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-2 rogue-one-star-wars-movie-images-1Source: MSW and EW.