Is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in crisis? It’s hard to say, but those rumours about reshoots taking place have ended up being accurate, and it sounds like Disney definitely isn’t happy with what director Gareth Edwards has delivered. The Hollywood Reporter says that the studio wants to lighten the tone of the movie in order to broaden its appeal to audiences.

Honestly, that’s a shame, especially as the prospect of a gritty war movie set in a Galaxy Far, Far Away was an exciting one. Either way, Edwards is going to have some help as veteran stunt coordinator and second unit director Simon Crane (Edge of Tomorrow) and Tony Gilroy have been brought in to play a key role in the reshoots which will take weeks.

Gilroy is also working on new pages for the script, and there are conflicting reports about the extent of Edwards’ involvement with these. If the movie has been taken out of his hands, that’s not a good sign, but chances are that we won’t get any firm answers on that until the director appears alongside Kathleen Kennedy at Star Wars Celebration later this year.

This first Star Wars spinoff being a mess will be bad news for Disney and Lucasfilm, especially after The Force Awakens earned over $2 billion. Rogue One underperforming and earning something like $500 million would almost be an embarrassment, but the thought of Rogue One being taken out of Edwards’ hands definitely leaves a bad taste in the mouth…