Nicholas Jarecki’s feature directorial debut in Arbitrage has just made its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival out in Park City, Utah, and boasts an impressive cast that includes Richard Gere in the lead, supported by Tim Roth, Susan Sarandon, Brit Marling, and Nate Parker.

A new clip from the film has surfaced over at Deadline, showing Parker coming to Gere’s rescue as he sets up an alibi for them. We can probably safely presume that something has gone wrong for Gere in the previous scene, no doubt involving the crossing of the line of the law.

“Richard Gere plays a hedge fund trader desperate to unload his company before his fraud is found out. An unexpected misstep forces him to turn to a figure from his past played by Nate Parker.”

Parker and Marling are both rising stars, with the former currently starring in the George Lucas-produced Red Tails, which has just been released in US cinemas this past weekend, and Spike Lee’s Red Hook Summer, which is also playing at Sundance. Marling went to Sundance last year with two films premiering that she both led and co-wrote, Sound of My Voice and Another Earth (the latter of which will be released here on DVD/Blu-Ray on 2nd April this year, and is definitely worth buying if you missed its theatrical release at the end of last year).

Jarecki made his writing debut on Gregor Jordan’s The Informers, co-writing with Bret Easton Ellis the adaptation of Ellis’ original novel of the same name. Having worked with such an esteemed writer already, it will be interesting to see how he works writing this project solo, and how he’ll fare as a director too, making his feature debut. As it’s just making its premiere at Sundance, there’s no word yet on a theatrical release either side of the Atlantic, but if it gets a strong reception, it will no doubt be picked up for distribution soon. Until then, here’s the new clip of Gere and Parker to enjoy. It doesn’t set up a significant indication of what we can expect from the film, but the cast and synopsis alone are enough to keep me intrigued.

ARBITRAGE from Rick Grayson on Vimeo.