Richard Gere is the latest name to join the cast of Showtime’s upcoming political thriller series ‘The Agency.’

Gere joins the previously announced casting of Michael Fassbender who takes on the role of Martian, a covert CIA agent and Jeffrey Wright who is set to play Henry, the CIA’s director of operations overseeing non-official cover agents, and a mentor to Martian. George Clooney serves as executive producer.

Gere will star as Bosko, who is the London Station Chief with a storied past after serving as an 8-year undercover agent.

Based on ‘The Bureau,’ the hit French spy show, the new series follows Martian as he’s “ordered to abandon his undercover life and return to London Station. When the love he left behind reappears, romance reignites. His career, his real identity and his mission are pitted against his heart, hurling them both into a deadly game of international intrigue and espionage.”

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The series will be executive produced by Keith Cox and Nina L. Diaz of MTVE Studios; David Glasser, Ron Burkle, David Hutkin and Bob Yari of 101 Studios (“Yellowstone”); Alex Berger for The Originals Productions; and Ashley Stern and Pascal Breton for Federation Studios/Federation Entertainment of America. Jez and John-Henry Butterworth serve as writers. Joe Wright directs and executive produces the first two episodes.