‘Life After Flash,’ Life After The Navigator’ and ‘Life After The Never Ending Story’ filmmaker, Lisa Downs is now embarking on another crowdfunded project with the documentary ‘Life After The Goonies’ for it’s 40th anniversary.

With the backing of one of the movie’s stars, Sean Astin, who Downs approached with the proposal recently at the Liverpool Comic Con, the doc will be the definitive documentary celebrating one of the greatest movies to come out of the 80’s.

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By conducting interviews with the cast, crew, and fans, this documentary intends to provide an in-depth look behind the scenes of the production process, highlighting the significant efforts involved in creating such a timeless classic.

Moreover, it seeks to honour the enduring legacy of Richard Donner, often regarded as the unseen Goonie and, to many, the most significant one. This documentary will stand as a poignant and sincere tribute to Donner’s legacy, expressing gratitude to a man who embodied the spirit of a Goonie even more than the young actors who graced the screen.

To find out more and to pledge your support for the making of the movie head over to Kickstarter and donate as much as you can.

Downs is currently producing the documentaries ‘Life After Goodfellas’ and ‘Life After Grease.’