Prepare to see history rewritten in a big way…

The Hollywood Reporter brings news that Paul W.S. Anderson is down to direct Pompeii, the story of that volatile volcano Mt. Vesuvius and the destruction of the titular Roman city. Wonder what the film will require in order to ground it for an audience? That’s right, a love story will take centre stage in proceedings, with an emotional tug-of-war between a slave’s daughter, a corrupt Roman senator and another potential owner. Awww.

Anderson has another period film (of sorts) in post-production at the moment – his version of the Three Musketeers is due for release later on in the year.

As for Pompeii, I wonder how many slow-mo shots of flaming molten shooting out an audience will be able to stand. Given the potential for the visual fireworks on display here, and the fact that James Cameron is due to make that all-important enhancement to his own period tragedy/love story Titanic, surely it will only be a matter of time before ‘3D’ will be affixed to the end of the film’s title?

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