Steven Spielberg clearly has a big affinity towards those unidentifiable flying objects of folklore.

As a director, he’s covered the lovable and lethal side to alien life in both ET and War of the Worlds, and the subject has cropped up time and time again in many of the features he’s produced through Amblin and DreamWorks.

His second TV series to explore the subject (the first was 2002’s mini-series Taken) will be broadcast in the US this June, and you can see the preview below (via the TNT website).

Entitled Falling Skies, the series stars ER’s longest-serving practitioner Noah Wyle in an human vs. aliens survivalist tale which has more in common with the director’s 2005 feature than the story of that lovable BMX-straddling, large-collared extraterrestrial.

The show’s website page also includes a nifty tie-in web comic (a popular form of TV and film marketing synergy these days, it seems) which gives a taster of what’s to come.