It’s a strange morning here in Movieland. With the news that Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States we’re learning that shows like Black Mirror and Mike Judge’s Idiocracy were more likely portents of a future rather than cautionary tales.

While the political dust has yet to settle, and to see if Robert De Niro gets his chance to punch Trump in the face, let’s take a look at one eerie prediction from The Simpsons way back in 2000 and then kick ourselves as they yell ‘WE TOLD YOU SO!’

trump-simpsonsBack in 2000, during the eleventh season of The Simpsons, writer Dan Greaney peeked into his crystal ball with Bart to the Future, a thoroughly depressing episode showing that what would become of our beloved family. The biggest shock was seeing Bart as a twenty something slob with an appalling lack of ambition and zest – everything that made him lovable had become dreary. The rest of the family were just as mired in their routines and beaten down by life – except of course for Lisa Simpson, who was the newly elected President. Naturally.

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In this brief scene from the show the future was teased, and we ignored it!

President Trump in The Simpsons

Looking on the bright side, if The Simpsons are Nostradamus-like predictors of the future we’ll all be eaten by Zombies like Millhouse in Season 25’s Days of Future Future – so there’s that…

Until the next election cycle in four years time perhaps we should heed the warnings we so readily pass off as fanciful satire. Unless we want to be here again, in 2020, looking like this as America votes in President Trump once again.

simpsons_family_with_milhouseGood luck everyone…