Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was supposed to wrap up Tom Cruise’s tenure as Ethan Hunt with Jeremy Renner eyed to potentially take over the franchise. However, the success of that movie changed everything and proved that there was a still an interest in seeing him play the now iconic character. That he did with Rogue Nation, and after it earned $682 million worldwide, it didn’t take long for a sixth instalment to be announced by Paramount Pictures.

Now, the studio has announced that Mission: Impossible 6 will be released on July 27th, 2018. That’s pretty much a perfect date for a summer tentpole like this, though it’s interesting to note that it means the movie will clash with DC Comics adaptation Aquaman.

That’s a bold move by Paramount, but with rumour swirling that Aquaman will be moved forward after the recent delay caused by The Flash losing its director, it may not end up mattering all that much. If they go head to head though, that will be quite the clash!

Each Mission: Impossible movie has had a different director at the helm, but Christopher McQuarrie will be returning for the sixth movie. That’s no real surprise given the success of Rogue Nation, and more details about this one will no doubt be revealed early next year as pre-production gears up. Still, I wonder what huge stunt Cruise has planned for the movie?