We share Plentific.com’s top ideas for where you can survive a zombie apocalypse

When you’re a zombie fanatic, there’s always one question on your mind: How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? You’ll need to be especially careful of where you choose to take shelter, but where to look? Home services marketplace, Plentific.com’s, lists its top ideas of where to go to survive the rise of the undead.



The apocalypse has long been a popular concern for the super-rich. During the Cold War, the wealthy built bunkers that could put Dr Strangelove to shame, and the fall of the Iron Curtain did nothing to curb the enthusiasm of those with the money to wait out the apocalypse in style. Many luxury shelters, such as Germany’s invitation-only ‘Vivos Europa One’, contain swimming pools, gyms, and even wine cellars!



There was a time when major cities required a strong perimeter wall to protect residents from outsiders, and in the event of a zombie apocalypse these towns could take on a new historical significance. With high walls already in place, cities like York could really see a sharp increase in property demand when doomsday comes.



Many people already prefer remote living, away from noisy cities and busy roads, but when the end times come these remote homes will become perfect for safely hiding from the undead hordes. Modern remote homes contain a number of features that make it easier to live alongside nature: solar panels, rainwater purifiers, wood furnaces and other additions can make it possible to live far away from major cities for as long as necessary. Still, you have to make sure you get along well with your fellow survivors, or the situation could end up turning into Wayward Pines.



People have always taken advantage of nature when choosing where to build. Perks can include access to food, transportation or even natural defences. Castles were traditionally built on high ground so that enemies could be seen coming from a distance, while Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, was built on a small island and becomes completely inaccessible by land once the tide comes in. Being able to choose the right place to build your shelter can be a big advantage, particularly if you lack experience in the construction industry.



An abandoned prison is the zombie-survivor’s dream come true: thick walls, remote locations and plenty of perimeter defences. It may not have worked out for Rick Grimes and his crew in Walking Dead, but many real world prisons like the infamous Alcatraz have plenty to protect you during the end times.



Repurposing old bunkers is a popular and relatively cheap solution for the economically minded zombiephile. Former nuclear bunkers and silos all over America have already been converted into homes and even public attractions, whilst others have been bought to satisfy a new generation of doomsday preppers.



Don’t worry, there is hope for those who want to wait out the apocalypse without having to pay a professional. How many Brits withstood Gerry’s bombs in WW2 by building a bomb shelter in their back gardens? Former plumber Colin Furze’s built his own zombie shelter in the back garden of his semi-detached home. It may not be built to bounce off bombs, but it contains a flat screen TV, games consoles and a working toilet: all you need to wait out something as simple as a zombie outbreak.

It’s fun to dream of the day when mankind falls to the undead menace, but when it comes how safe will you be? It might be time to start planning your next home improvement project with this in mind.

Plus, if all else fails, you could always just go for a pint at the Winchester.

zombie-refugeStephen Jury, spokesperson for Plentific, said: “With the right property and location, a zombie invasion becomes much more manageable. On top of this, power tools can be a great asset when protecting yourself, not to mention home improvements designed to keep the undead at bay!”