We’ve been putting up a fair few posts of images and videos from the Chicago shoot of Michael Bay’s third installment of the Transformers franchise (working title Transformers 3) and here’s another post except this time we might have some plot news for you.

Much like that of Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, images have come from Sibertron.com which make it seem that the human race is somewhat rebelling against the Autobots who initially came to Earth to protect us.

The new images feature bins with the Transformers logo cross through with ‘Go Home’ written underneath. Have a look at the image below and you’ll see what I mean.

Further to this, someone called “Size Matters” has sent AICN a load of new photos of the cars in Transformers 3 from Chicago and since they’re the best yet, I thought i’d put some more up.

Click the images below to enlarge or head over to AICN for the full gallery.