Prometheus was a very divisive movie. Pegged as an Alien prequel, it never really delivered on that promise, and the disappointment many fans felt ended up overshadowing what was so great about it (though pretty much everyone could agree Michael Fassbender ruled).

Sir Ridley Scott has been saying for a while now that Alien: Covenant would deliver some more direct links to 1979’s classic Alien, and based on some new intel doing the rounds, it appears as if those will be even more obvious than most initially suspected or predicted.

According to The Playlist, the character portrayed by┬áKatherine Waterston – known only as Daniels – is going to end up being Ripley’s mother! She’ll likely be a little way off from giving birth when we first meet her here, but that’s a very direct link which should help tie these prequels to the original movies in a very clear way. Will it end up feeling too forced though?

After all, Ripley’s mother possibly being there for the creation of the Xenomorphs which her daughter years later had so many confrontations with feels a bit daft, but this could work if handled the right way. We’ll just have to wait and see, but next August needs to hurry up!