It is almost thirty years since Michael Moore shot to prominence with his heartfelt examination of the real world implication of General Motors’ downsizing policy in Roger & Me.

Though his heart remains in Flint, Michigan Moore’s incredulous eye and insistence on getting a straight answer pushed him to become to a spokesperson for an increasingly disenfranchised portion of American society. 2002’s Bowling for Columbine was brutal but not hopeless; the Oscar-winner then set his sights on the Bush era with Fahrenheit 9/11 which gained an enormous audience.

In the twelve years since his dalliance with Stupid White Men Moore has taken on Healthcare, Capitalism and the Occupy movement. His latest film sees the documentarian using himself as a cross between an ambassador and a conquistador, melding his patriotic heart with the innate belief that we are a better world when we learn and take the best from each other.

Moore was in London today to promote his new film, Where to Invade Next, and we have the full press conference below.

Press conference part one:

Press conference part two:

Press conference part three:

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Where to Invade Next is out on the 10th of June.