With the Queen’s Jubilee just around the corner, the creators of Peppa Pig have made and released a special compilation DVD featuring some of the most popular episodes from the hit television series, as well as the exclusive episode featuring the Queen (that also has a book released based on this episode).

Despite the lack of the latest episodes that could have been included in this volume, it is still a fun DVD for young fans and it’s nice to see a couple of episodes from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (another series which is made by the same team) at a reasonable price.

For people who may not be familiar with the series, Peppa Pig is a BAFTA award winning animated British series that stars the cheeky Peppa (voiced by Harley Bird), her little brother George (Oliver and Alice May) and Mummy and Daddy Pig (Morwenna Banks and Richard Ridings) as they star in different stories with their friends and other family members.

These five-minute episodes range from having a treasure hunt with the grandparents to telling bedtime stories, it is a pleasant television show that has managed to make it a big hit amongst children and grown-ups alike.

The big selling point of this DVD is the special episode featuring the Queen, which is only exclusive to this release, where Miss Rabbit has won an award from the Queen and has invited Miss Rabbit, Peppa and her friends to visit her.

All the children then see her sitting on her throne and ask her some questions about what she does and what she likes to do, bringing the simplicity and innocence that has made the show appealing for young children.

While this was a delight to watch, the other episodes that are included are nine older episodes that will offer the same amount of amusement for those who may not already own DVDs with the same episodes, but might be disappointing for those who already do that might be a bit disappointing for the grown-ups who might have to pay for this.

But the two bonus episodes from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is a nice little cherry on the cake and will be a great introduction for those who may not have seen another pleasant animated series.

Overall, this is a nice little compilation DVD and despite the fact that it only features one new episode, it’s a nice little collection for those who may not already own the featured episodes