Following his time in the Green Zone with Matt Damon, Paul Greengrass has been linked to a number of high profile projects, as well as moving in and out of the legacy of the Bourne series now that a fourth film is on the go.

Cleopatra, Fantastic Voyage, Treasure Island – all films Greengrass was reportedly attached to, and then just over a month ago a new project was rumoured, one closer perhaps to Greengrass’s sensibilities and one which has just been announced officially by Universal.

Deadline have the story that Greengrass is set to direct Memphis, the story of the last days and assassination of Martin Luther King for Universal with Scott Rudin producing. This confirms the rumour we posted just over a month ago, and it will be good to see Greengrass back in action with a film even the best marketing people can’t claim has any link to the Bourne films.

As the film is set during the final days of the civil rights leader one can assume this will not be a life story of the man, and given the swirl of conspiracy which has surrounded the assassination perhaps this will fall in the mix, if not make up the main thrust of the film.