As beloved symbols of childhood go Paddington is one of the more understated. Yet the little bear from Peru has been a constant bedtime companion to my two little boys for a while now and the story of the curious bear will soon be arriving on a far broader platform when David Heyman’s film hits cinemas at the end of the year.

Colin Firth has been plucked to provide the voice of our favourite Peruvian and the mix of CGI and live action has come a long way since the days of Garfield. Yes – this isn’t the 2D flat-amation* of the 1980s TV episodes narrated by Michael Hordern but that’s for the best.

Along with Postman Pat and other childhood playthings Paddington’s big screen update is no surprise, what we’re looking for – and what is hinted at here in this trailer – is the unmistakable charm of the marmalade-loving bear.

*That word is totally made up.