There isn’t a movie lover out there that hasn’t fallen in love the marmalade sandwich scoffing bear and his on-screen adventures. In part that’s due to the formidable work of filmmaker, Paul King.

However, with the franchise’s huge successes, King has become a hugely sought after talent and that could very well mean he might have to give up his directing duties on the franchise.

During an interview with Collider for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts sequel, ‘The Crimes of Grindelwald’, ‘Paddington’ producer, David Heyman revealed that the blue coat, red hat wearing bear will be back for a third instalment. However, where there is good news, the bad quickly followed as he revealed even though King would be involved in the development of the film, he might not be back to take the helm.

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I don’t think Paul King will direct the third. He did the first two – he and I are working on another project together… He’s very special, Paul. We’re developing a third Paddington. We haven’t got a script yet, we’ve got a treatment which we’re still working on.”

He went on to reiterate that King would be involved with original writing partners, Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton.

Paul is involved in it, I wanted him to be involved in it because I think he’s such a significant voice, but I don’t think he’ll direct it. He worked on the idea… he comes up with the idea with Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton and then they develop it and come back for more, back and forth, and then it’ll get written and Paul will come in and stir it up a little bit. But he’s an incredible collaborator, Paul. Very positive, very supportive.

King is currently working on Warner Bros ‘Willy Wonka’ origin story and has been hired by Disney to take the helm on the live-action remake of ‘Pinocchio’.