Following the recent reveal that the first Star Wars spinoff may focus on a team of bounty hunters (you can find more details by clicking here), we may now have some news on the next animated series set in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Star Wars Rebels has been a hit, and Disney have already renewed it for a second season.

You can’t blame them for feeling confident enough to give another Star Wars series the green light then, but the twist here is that this one won’t be set before the Original Trilogy; instead, it’s set to take place at the same time as the new movies which kick off next December with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Lucasfilm apparently have Star Wars Rebels mapped out for three or four seasons, and it’s then that a new series will kick off featuring a group of new characters in the same timeline as the current trilogy of movies.

Details are scarce, and it’s not clear which characters it would focus on. By the time it reaches us in a few years time though, we’ll all be much more familiar with this world and those that inhabit it. As it’s building towards the events of A New Hope, it was always obvious that Star Wars Rebels had a limited lifespan.

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