The Dark Knight Rises PosterBatfans rejoice, there’s a new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, out today.

Those people who are joining Tom Cruise for another Mission Impossible in certain IMAX screens will have their chance to see the short prologue for the film, which is rumoured to divulge the origins of Batman’s latest nemesis Bane, played by Tom Hardy and glimpsed in a thousand set pictures.

The viral winds have already started to kick up around this film, and as it’s Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. you can bet that there will be all sorts of information hunts and wild goose chases until the film is out, you can see the opening salvo in the campaign here and here, so it’s nice that there’s something substantial following from the teaser we saw a few months ago.

Source: Apple – Click to view in HD