We haven’t seen anything from Justice League since Comic-Con, but Zack Snyder surprised fans today by taking to social media to share a new look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

It’s only a fun behind the scenes image (as little as we know about this version of the King of Atlantis, it’s fair to say that he probably won’t be strumming a guitar in the movie itself), but still offers up a very cool new look at the character’s fierce armour. Snyder also accompanied the image by stating that, “Every day on set is an amazing adventure with this guy.”

After making a brief appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Aquaman will return in Justice League before taking centre stage in his own solo outing from The Conjuring helmer James Wan. It has also been rumoured that Momoa is going to take on the titular role in the reboot of The Crow, so it will be a busy few years for the Game of Thrones vet.

Aquaman didn’t seem too keen on throwing in with Batman and company in the first trailer for Justice League, but fans are chomping at the bit to finally see him in action on the big screen. Hopefully more images like this are going to be released over the coming months!