If there’s one thing that I’ve grown tired of lately it’s that one Immortals trailer that has been spliced into every trailer reel for the last 4 months (surpassed only by that blasted Real Steel trailer).  I’m pretty sure by now I can recite most Mickey Rourke and Henry Cavil’s lines!  Thankfully though, the gods themselves have seen fit to relieve my woes by finally cutting and releasing a new trailer for the film!

Now most of this new trailer is the same as the last, but without any of the silly Braveheart speech’s cut in.  I would say at least 70% of it contains the same footage as the first, but this time it seems to flow a lot better.  It also gives us a few new looks at the CGI heavy world that Tarsem Singh has created, and I believe I like it!

However as cool as false washboard abs and beautiful backdrops are, the highlight of the trailer undoubtedly comes towards the end when we finally get a better look at Isabel Lucas as Athena.  The few short clips we have show her making quick work of some fellows unfortunate enough to cross her path.  She does this all with a stylized finesse and force that has me predicting her to easily be the crowd favorite when the film opens in November. Ladies, time to stock up on your official Athena masks for Halloween!

You can watch the trailer below and see Athena in action for yourself:

Thanks to Those Addicts of Trailer.