Currently dealing with a zombie invasion up in Glasgow (doubling for Philadelphia) in the production of popular fantasy novel, World War Z, Brad Pitt may be heading towards Bourne territory for a future follow-up role.

Slash Film is reporting that the Fight Club star is in talks to come aboard another adaptation – the Mark Greaney-penned assassin thriller, The Gray Man. With director James Gray (colour-coordinating his projects) attached to direct, Pitt would play a former CIA man turned assassin (isn’t there less hazardous career progression route for those guys?) who embarks on a cross-continent journey to avoid being murdered by team of professionals who were originally despatched to the Middle East to rescue him.

Gray has another feature with regular collaborator Joaquin Phoenix in the pipeline at the moment (which, incidently, is set to co-star new Bourne lead, Jeremy Renner) so it looks like Pitt will have plenty of time to get himself into the mindset of a trained killer.