It’s been a while since we saw anything from the Matthijs van Heijningen Jr directed prequel to The Thing. Let’s remedy that shall right now, shall we?

Here’s a picture of Joel Edgerton who plays Sam Carter in the film alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead,  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Eric Christian Olsen, and Kim Bubbs, and Edgerton has come a long way from the Star Wars prequels with his part in the acclaimed Animal Kingdom standing out in particular.

Rather than roll out another remake, this film sets its scene before the events of John Carpenter’s 1982 version in a similar vein to how Ridley Scott was planning to do with his Alien prequel before the Prometheus idea took over.

Loads of other Thing Prequel pics are available here, some with flamethrowers, some not.

Here’s the new pic, love those furry collars.

Where did we find this? Why, Shortlist via Daily Dread of course.