A few weeks ago, I posted some images from the The Pacific, which is the follow-up to the Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg produced series, Band of Brothers. In that post, I mentioned that ‘the lucky dabbers at Sky Movies had been lucky enough to see the first two episodes’ from the new 10 part mini-series. We,, I am now one of those lucky dabbers as I got to see it a couple of weeks ago and suffice to say, those of you who liked Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan will NOT be disappointed.

Today we’ve been sent a new featurette which shows some snippets of interviews from the cast of the new series and also some great new images. There’s still no exact release date for when The Pacific will air in the UK but we know it’ll be around Easter and it’ll be on Sky Movies HD. The HD is important and this show has been completely filmed in HD and this is why the new series looks so great.

The Pacific’s three main characters are James Badge Dale, Jon Seda and Joseph Mazzello. Check out the shots of them below the new featurette.

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