Launching this weekend on Starzplay, we’re excited to say that to mark the release of Hightown we had the pleasure of partaking in a remote, virtual junket (the way it is these days) with one of the show’s leading stars, James Badge Dale, sporting a rather fantastic moustache, we should add.

We discuss the role, and project with Dale, who plays the renegade detective Ray Abruzzo, amidst a complex murder case set against the Cape Cod background. Dale tells us about accessing the role of a detective, and whether he learnt anything from the role. We also ask for an update on Rebel Ridge, where he is set to star alongside our very own John Boyega.

Watch the full interview below:


After a body washes ashore during a holiday weekend, a National Marine Fisheries officer is caught up in a web of drama as she tries to solve the case on her own.

Hightown premieres on Sunday, 17th May 2020 on STARZPLAY UK