Paramount Pictures has announced today that a currently untitled “Cloverfield Movie (IMAX)” will be hitting cinemas on October 27th, 2017, and while 10 Cloverfield Lane has given us a solid reason to be excited about these anthology movies, this good news heralds some bad.

God Particle has now been removed from the studio’s release schedule after originally being dated for February 27th, next year. It is of course possible that it’s being retitled and will now reach the big screen on the date mentioned above, but there’s been no confirmation of that, and Paramount has yet to officially announced that God Particle is even part of that universe.

Several reliable sources says it is, though even cast member Gugu Mbatha-Raw seemed baffled in a recent interview when she was asked how it ties into the Cloverfield franchise.

God Particle could have been delayed because reshoots are taking place to have it tie into Cloverfield, but as of right now, there’s a chance that’s entirely separate to whatever this newly dated untitled movie is. Either way, trailers for previous Cloverfields have for some reason always been attached to new Michael Bay movies, so we’ll probably get a first look at this one when Transformers: The Last Knight reaches cinemas next July. Time will tell.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see, but what Paramount is doing with this franchise has suddenly become every bit as confusing and mysterious as the world the films take place in.