Mere days separate us from the waiting world from The Hunger Games and you can expect the final spluttering of clips and promos to fizz in our general direction.

One such spurt has reached us this morning and it’s another decent tease from the film, one which continues the trend of showing only the build up rather than the actual games themselves. This is a good thing.

Here we get to see Stanley Tucci as a poodle-haired host interviewing a pre-game Peeta and Josh Hutcherson seems to nail the awkward and resigned nature of the character. Good for him.

If you’ve read the books the title of this post will mean that you already know what the content of the video will be. If you’re one of the seven people to have somehow not read Suzanne Collins’ novel then it’s a spoiler-rama.

This one was up on MTV who geolock their videos in a bubble (but not their adverts) and so I hightailed it over to YouTube avenue and snagged one from there, and it’s below for your gratification.

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