Ressurecting the ThunderCats series from its 80s heyday may seem like an odd move for Warner Bros and the Cartoon Network, but we’re only a month away from the hour long premiere of the new animated series.

We’ve seen a trailer which catered broadly to entice those not old enough to remember the twenty five year old incarnation while doing enough to elicit nostalgia-tinged sighs from those who did, and the animation and character designs do look pretty good. Now we have the chance to see more of Studio 4°C’s work in a nine minute clip of the show and a selection of promo images.

The 80s cartoon was a little silly and I hated that Snarf thing, but as a series and as a property it has endured and looks like being a fine update. All they need to do now is re-do Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds.

Footage first, then pics,

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