The news that Genndy Tartakovsky was to take over the reins of the Sony produced animated film Hotel Transylvania went a long way to increasing anticipation for the film, which has been in production in one form or another since 2006, and today we learned that who Columbia have hired to voice the computer animated monsters.

Adam Sandler is set to play the hotel’s owner, Dracula, who has to protect his teenage daughter Mavis from the amorous intent of one Simon Van Helsing, a celebrated monster hunter. Hilarity and hi-jinx will no doubt ensue and Sandler is bringing some of his Grown Ups co-stars along with him. Kevin James will voice Frankenstein, whose bride will be played, in a moment of inspired casting, by Fran Drescher. David Spade is cast as hotel chef Quasimodo and Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon play a pair of married Werewolves who are holidaying at the hotel with their family of errant Werepups. Andy Samberg and Cee Lo Green are also said to be signed up.

While Open Season and Surf’s Up didn’t fare so well critically Cloudy with a Chance of Metaballs was a surprise success for Sony with an imaginative script, some wonderfully surreal visuals and a strong cast. With Hotel Transylvania’s long gestation we can only hope that the script is up to the talent getting behind the project. On the 21st of September of next year we’ll find out.

Sourcey: THR