So, this morning’s viewing of Lost didn’t go quite to plan. I got up at 5am to watch the final episode of a series that I’ve loved and followed for the past 6 years. The first hour set me us up nicely for the perfect end that we’ve all wanted for so long. 55 minutes into my viewing, Sky Player decided to come up with a message stating

“This programme is unavailable to via on Sky Player”

Thinking it might just be me, I turned to my good friend Tweetdeck to discover every single viewer in the UK using Sky Player had exactly the same problem. A major cock-up from Sky? I think so! To day this was annoying is rather an understatement.After around an hour, it started working again but this is obviously pointless. This isn’t come episode in the middle of a season, this was the series finale. To say I was gutted is rather an understatement, and am rather annoyed at Sky for letting this happen.

Sky have now put out an official apology stating:

Hi all,

We’d like to apologise for this morning’s black out during Sky1’s live simulcast of the Series Finale of ‘Lost’.

We’re currently investigating what went wrong, and if it’s any consolation we’ll have the entire episode available to watch as a catch up title by lunchtime today.

Once again apologies

The Sky Player team

Still rather annoyed I got up at 5am for this but hey ho, life goes on.

Anyway, onto the matter in hand. I have now managed to watch  the last hour and a half of the Lost finale which you can see below. There aren’t really any spoilers below but if you want to stay away from anything Lost, don’t read on!

I was a massive fan of Lost when it first began. The opening episode was fantastic and opened with a bang, literally. 6 seasons later and we’ve seen a multitude of characters come and go, many of which we get to see in this final season and with a lovely group setting for the final episode to conclude with.

People on twitter have expressed similar feelings with comments like:

@CarrieKeagan: #Lost was a bit of a cop out! Where are the answers to six years of questions?

@TessNevermind Lost is an epic fail.

However, there seems to be more love for the final episode. Here’s a few examples!

@SimonFairbanks Thank you #Lost for an epic six years. You are one of a kind.

@brynnfoley: No words to that ending. It’s been a great 6 years.

@OliveCecilia LOVED the #Lost finale… it’s all about the people that we touch and let in our lives… indeed.

@anniedm You know what? I loved it. LOVED IT. I have it all put together, so feel free to chat with me about THE GREATEST TV SHOW EVER. #LOST

There are millions of entries on Twitter, in fact so many that ‘Lost’ is now a twitter trend. Click here to view.

In my opinion the ending was excellent, not perfect but excellent. 6 years have passed with hundreds of theories being passed around in schools, offices, pubs & clubs about what the heck is going on at the island and now we have closure! Be prepared if you’re reading this before you watch it though, you’ll probably need tissues, it’s a rather emotional rollercoaster!

One question though and this might have been explained in a previous episode, where was Michael at the end? Did I miss something?!