Welcome all to your Monday morning film fix, the latest episode of the Mouth Off podcast is here.

Joining me in the podcast arena this week are Craig Skinner and Brendon Connelly and this week sees us tackle StreetDance 3D, the Werner Herzog directed Bad Lieutenant: Part of Call New Orleans, and Philip Ridley’s Heartless, and we throw a discussion of 3D, the merits of Nicolas Cage and a new mode of film distribution.

Our Ripped from the Crypt selections this week are the usual eclectic mix, and as always I’ve put the trailers below for you to enjoy.

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Ripped from the Crypt

This week Brendon plucked a John Cusack 80s under seen classic One Crazy Summer.

Craig’s choice was the John Cassavettes crime thriller Gli Intoccabili (Machine Gun MaCain)

I chose the sublime Satoshi Kon fantasy Paprika and I’ve chosen three videos to get you in the mood, first up is the International trailer which blew my mind

Then the slightly more prosaic US Trailer complete with didactic voiceover,

Finally here’s the opening sequence with the amazing Susumu Hirasawa soundtrack,