Undoubtedly one of the best movies we’ve watched this year, Muscle finally becomes available this weekend with a cinema and On-Demand release – and to mark the occasion, we spoke to the two leading stars Cavan Clerkin and Craig Fairbrass, as well as director Gerard Johnson.

The film, which takes a candid and unflinching look at toxic maculinity, makes for a n intense, exhilarating, and oddly rather humorous affair, that brings out exceptional performances from its leading men. We discussed with Clerkin the rigorous training he had to undertake for the role, and what a joy it was to work in the environment that Johnson created for his actors. Naturally, we ask what it was like to be on set during the film’s somewhat explicit orgy sequence, too.

With Fairbrass we talk about the nuanced role he undertakes, and how he’s been underestimated as an actor across his career, often falling into hardpan roles – so it’s a thrill not only for the actor himself, but us too, to see him get his teeth into something so meaty. We do however discuss the impact the Rise of the Footsoldier films have had on audiences, as an experience he cherishes.

Finally with Johnson we talk about the ideas behind this movie, and why he decided to shoot in black and white – and on his in-depth commitment to authenticity, and how his time spent in the gym helped to shape some of the characters that feature in this dark and indelible piece of British cinema. Watch all three of our interviews (and we really do recommend that you do) in their entirety below.

Cavan Clerkin

Craig Fairbrass

Gerard Johnson


An unhappy office worker’s life is gradually taken over by Terry, his new, very hands-on personal trainer.

Muscle will be released in cinemas and be available on on-demand from December 4th