More promotional imagery for the forthcoming Total Recall remake has made it out in the wild, how far it permeates (i.e. if it’ll attain the ‘viral’ status PR types salivate for) into the consciousness ahead of the 29th of August release date is anyone’s guess.

What we’ve seen so far of Len Wiseman’s film sticks close to the generic sci-fi actioner line it needs to jump across if it’s going to impress audiences, yet there’s some interesting VFX work glimpsed in the trailers seen so far, so…um, there’s that.

The second two posters in this set complete the series started here and are the sort of generic nonsense you’ll see lining the walls of tube stations, bus shelters and the more dubious alleyways of Cheam while the first poster is the anti-ad, the frozen Farrell face off image which is rather fun.

The remake of the 1990 Paul Verhoeven film has a weary sub-nostalgic haze to shake from its bones as well as giving sci-fi action hero Colin Farrell a swift kick in the consciousness and, maybe, take us all loopy with him.

Here they are, a wild, and slightly terrifying, shout of thanks to Coming Soon,